Free DDoS protection for game servers.


The service is being provided for free.

How it works

When players connect to your server, we continuously build an allowlist using a series of checks. In case of an attack, the firewall is enabled automatically and it only allows allowlisted traffic to pass through to your server.

Server location

We currently only have servers located in Europe.

Which game servers do you support?

We have been testing the service with Minecraft and FiveM servers, but it is possible to support other servers as well. You can contact us and we will check the options.


* While we try to do our best to provide an efficient service, we can not make any guarantees.
* IP addresses of your players do not get forwarded - so your server will see all players use the same IP address.
* If you do not have an option to use a firewall on your server (to only allow traffic from our servers), the attacks can still reach it if they target IP of your server. If you have a VPS or a Dedicated server (with provider's firewall or SSH access to your server), this is usually not a problem. But if you use shared hosting and do not have access to any firewall, the attacks can reach your server if the attacker knows the actual IP of your server.

How to get started?

We setup each testing server manually in order to minimize fake requests. To get your server set up, use our Live chat which will take you through the setup process. We do our best to add servers as soon as possible.